July Recap – Heroes of Might and Magic News

A lot happened about the Heroes of Might and Magic series in July as well but there is a little less than last month, as I was also on vacation. See a brief overview. If I forgot something, be sure to write me a comment.

Factory town still lives.

  • The upcoming Fanstratics has revealed another new unit – Goblin.
  • Master of Magic Remake update – Busy beta times.
  • DOOM and Might & Magic? Why not, here is MMDOOM.
  • ERA 3 Launcher update v2.58 is here!
MMDoom: Might & Magic monster replacer download

MMDoom: Might & Magic monster replacer download

New 2022 interview With David Mullich, Legendary Director of Heroes 3

Bastion town test (ERA PLUS)

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  1. Sithoid

    Not sure if you missed it (I posted it to r/heroes3 & r/HoMM while you were on vacation) or deemed it too small for a separate post (it’s just one town), but here’s Rampart in Minecraft, recreated using the artbook for references. There’s a video, some screenshots & a downloadable map. It’s been a while since anyone attempted this, and I believe the “technology” has come a long way 🙂 https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/rampart-town-from-heroes-of-might-amp-magic-iii/

    And just to be fair to other creators, here’s a channel with highly-detailed renditions of Necropolis, Inferno, Castle, Fortress and Dungeon; quite different in style from what I was attempting, but clearly way above my skill level: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXUf6dZmJ5HLSXAckUq7Pdw .

    P.S. Do you happen to know if any hi-res references exist for other towns? The artbook featured Rampart extensively, but sadly it only had a few buildings from elsewhere…


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