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Factory is the unreleased 11th faction for Horn of the Abyss, which is planned to be released in either late 2022 or early 2023, and confirmed to be released in game version 1.7.0. This new faction will have the Wasteland as its native terrain, which was released in HotA version 1.6.0. The town’s theme combines nature with an attempt to harness its power, which is reflected in the two “trees” of creatures and their upgrades.

Factory’s steampunk technology and Wild West style is likely a nod to the unreleased Forge town, as in the drawing board phases both a steampunk and a sci-fi version were designed. However, the steampunk concept was abandoned due to sci-fi technology and themes appearing in the Might & Magic series, as well as the futuristic looking Heavenly Forge, that serves as the basis of the town. The only nod to a wild west steampunk theme is an obscure piece of artwork for the tavern that was quickly discarded in favour of a concrete building.