How to install Heroes 3 Horn of the Abyss step-by-step (HotA)

What is Horn of the Abyss mod?

HotA is a global add-on for Heroes of might and magic III that extends classical gameplay elements and adds some of its own. On a more conceptual level – HotA is an attempt to continue legendary series RoE-AB-SoD as close to the original as it could have been done by NWC team, if only they had more desire, resources or even understanding of their own game.

The expansion features a completely new Cove town with campaign, new artifacts, neutral creatures, adventure map objects etc. and I hope that version 1.7 with the new Factory town will be released at the beginning of the year.

Where can I download Horn of the Abyss mod?

To download the modification, you can use the official site of the modification, where there are enough mirror download links. Alternatively, you can use the direct download from

How do I install the mod?

You will of course need the full version of Heroes 3, ideally from GOG.COM (This version also fits all other Heroes 3 mods and is on sale for €2.49 most of the year.)

1. Install Heroes 3 Complete. Do not install the game in “Program Files” folder. Use the C: or D: drive directly (or D:\Games\).

2. Download Horn of the Abyss mod to your Desktop.

3. If the installer is downloaded directly from the author’s site, the file looks like this: HotA_1.6.1_setup.exe

4. Run it and on the install screen select the folder where GOG Heroes 3 Complete is installed. Then click “Next >”.

5. On this screen, choose the localization of the game, and the choice is English or Russian. Then click “Next >”.

6. This screen allows you to set up automatic mod updates and create a Desktop shortcut, which I definitely recommend. Then click “Next >”.

7. Everything is ready to install, click on “Install” button.

8. Great, the installation is complete. Click the “Finish” button.

9. A HotA HD shortcut has been added to your desktop. Run it.

10. When starting Horn of the Abyss for the first time, it is necessary to update the HD mod that is part of the installation. Be sure to do so. Click on YES.

11. If the update was successful, the HoMM3 HD Launcher screen will appear. If you click the “Play” button right away, the game will start immediately in a window. You can then switch it to full screen with the F4 key. Feel free to experiment with resolution settings and different filters until you get the best result.

12. BONUS: Heroes 3 HD mod also includes an HotA Online Lobby, so you can easily play with your friends.

Core Horn of the Abyss features:

A lot fixes and additions, check it out in an adapted list

  • New fully playable town — Cove
  • New war machine — Cannon. Available at Cove’s Blacksmith
  • New artifacts and artifact sets
  • New banks and conservatories
  • New types of map objects
  • New heroes
  • New terrain for Conflux town — Highlands and Wastelands
  • Towns change their appearance, depending on Fort level
  • Map editor
  • RMG template editor as well as extended RMG template format
  • Support for bigger map sizes (Huge, XHuge and Giant)
  • A lot of balance fixes (like finally nerfing the necromancers or making life easier for Tower and Inferno)
  • A lot of RMG fixes (for example, removing all sea elements from non-sea random maps)
  • A lot of graphical fixes (like, really a lot… original game had plenty of graphical bugs)
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