Game Difficulty Mod (ERA 3)

A mod to customize game difficulty with many options to select at game start. If you are uncertain what each option does please check the readme, all numbers/tweaks are written there.

The mod has to offer (all optional):

  • Options for stronger computer players
  • AI no Dimension Door spell
  • Artifact equipment mod for AI
  • Increase neutral stack size
  • Increase neutral growth…
Game Difficulty mod
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher
Download Heroes 3 Complete from GOG.COM

  • Neutral stacks can grow over 4000
  • Increased stats of neutrals over time
  • Extra growth for low-level troops
  • Random spell buffs for neutrals
  • Random abilities for neutrals (temporary disbaled)
  • Battle commander option
  • Battle rewards option
  • Tougher Karmic Battles
  • Always Random Hero
  • Progressive difficulty option
  • AI starting boost
  • Option interface for Mixed Neutrals Mod by Berserker

How to play with this mod:

  •  Select the options you like at map start
  • Additional informations are available on right-clicking
  • Clicking “Confirm” will save all your settings, Clicking “Cancel” will reset all your options
  • Enter a day at which the AI starts to receive bonuses (Payday) This will allow you to built up your hero
  • Dont use the highest AI difficulty when you are new to this mod, start with Easy or Normal and Payday at day 50
  • If you want, also use progressive-difficulty option to change the AI level during the game to a harder one. This allows for a smooth game progression. Like from Hard to Expert. Or from Extreme to Insane.
  • Better dont use Insane settings
  • Game to easy or to difficult? No problem, make NEW settings during your game by right-clicking the system icon on the adventure map

Maybe frequently asked questions:

Which WoG settings can I use?
Answer: Feel free to use any setting you like. The mod will automatically activate the option it needs if you select them.

I want to customize some values for AI bonus, can I?
Answer: Sure, if you know what to edit you can change anything you like, but better ask Perry or Daemon for help.

Why are some values and bonuses so absurd?
Answer: Heroes 3 is a manifold game, people play it differently, different maps and mods, a value you think is crazy might just be okay for the other guys, or maybe it is the other way around. That’s when we start modding.

What is the Mixed Neutral Configuration Option?
Answer: The Mixed Neutral mod does what the name suggests. It mixes neutral stacks to give more diversity in fights. The mod was developed by Berserker and must be downloaded separately. The difficulty mod only provides a convenient window to make all settings.

Why do I get some strange error message when I start my game?
Answer: You probably have an outdated version of the ERA. You need at least ERA 3.3 and the ERA-erm-Framework mod to run the Difficulty mod with full functionality.

This mod also includes the AI Artifact Equipment Mod:
If possible AI will always equip the best artifact for every slot. This script checks the artifacts of AI heroes every day and equips better ones if available in a backpack.
You can conduct the priority order for equipping by reading the code. The lower an artifact is the higher the priority. This mod alone makes the AI much stronger without cheating.

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  1. Black Market

    I play coop with my little bro. everything is set against us to the max and it is still too easy.

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