Mixed Neutrals mod download


PlatformERA 3
File Size1 MB
Update12. 04. 2022
mod is part of the ERA 3 Launcher

A large platform mod that turns regular neutrals on the map into mixed ones (up to 7 different slots). It includes many options and settings, such as aggressiveness, disabling morale, slot generation and distribution modes, configuration probabilities, fine-tuning slots for specific types of monsters, etc. Settings are changed by mini-mods via json files or ERM.

Source: http://wforum.heroes35.net/showthread.php?tid=5785&page=1

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  1. kacrut

    This mod is not working when i play, don’t know why. Let’s say there is some creature (egPixie) appears to be 1000 when we right click it, if the mixing option is enabled (through ticking minimum 1, maximum more than 1), then not only there would be no mixed creatures appear on the screen or the battlefield, but also the Pixie number will be reduced on the battlefield. if the mixing option is disable (through ticking minimum 1, maximum 1), 1000 Pixie will show up on the battlefield.

    Is it because it’s not compatible with the other mods? third upgrade mod perhaps, or advanced classed mod.


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