Heroes of Might and Magic all modifications list

Below you will find a list of all Heroes of Might and Magic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 mods I have managed to collect over the past 10+ years. Do not forget that for mods to work, you need to own the original version, for Heroes 1 to 5 preferably, the version from GOG.COM. This Heroes mod list is still live, I will be editing it and adding new mods. Last update, 06. 07. 2023.

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  1. Simon

    Is horn of the abyss the only mod you can play online (if I want to play multiplayer)?


  2. Piotr

    I really enjoy Horn Of The Abyss. It feels like regular expansions. But I haven’t really tried other mods yet.


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