Heroes of Might and Magic all modifications list

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 mods for ERA 3

  • ERA 3 (platform) – is new platform and successor to Wake of Gods (WoG). ERA is much more advanced and includes WoG as a modification. It is also compatible with HD mod, Online lobby is also available.

  • ERA 3 launcher (platform) – is amazing all-in-one package and best way to play ERA 3 / Wake of Gods. ERA 3 Launcher contains the latest version of ERA, HD mod with Online Lobby, new ERA Scrips, Unleashed Map Editor, Mixed Neutrals mod, XXL maps support, Game Enhancement mod, Tavern Videos, BattleQueue mod, Advanced Classes and more in one installation package!

  • Advanced Classes mod (ERA 3 mod) – is a gameplay enhancing mod, that features revamped skill and spell systems, new artifacts and artifacts set, 2 dozens of new and reworked specialities, 6 new subclasses with uniquw abilities and more. The idea of this mod was to create 2 new skill ranks — Master and Grandmaster, which are gained right after Expert rank, as well as a completely new hero class — adventurer. AC mod is included in ERA Launcher.

  • Third Upgrades (ERA 3 mod) – with TUM every town can have a new building that is used as a general ‘upgrade guild’. Thanks to this the player will be able to upgrade creatures in the town to their new forms. Mod also include +90 new artifacts, new creature banks, new dwellings and many more. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • WoG Graphics Fix (ERA 3 mod) – this amazing graphic modification not only modifies and enhances the graphics of old WoG objects, but also adds many new ones. If you use WoG Graphics fix mod with ERA 3 Launcher, it is necessary to disable “16 2-way teleports“, “Game Enhancements Mod” and “WoG Fix lite” via Mod Manager for the proper functioning.

  • New Year’s HD Edition mod (ERA 3 mod) – graphic modification that adds animated winter main menu video, graphics created for Heroes 3 HD Edition by UbiSoft to the ERA 3 / Wake of Gods. This can be seen mainly in the graphics of the battlefields, heroes portaits and town screen, which is finer. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Hero Reserve Slot mod (ERA 3 mod) – small mod where Hero unlock 1 new reserve slot every 8 hero levels. This makes it compatible with vanilla WoG and other stuff. Very useful mod when combined with classic diplomacy.

  • Random Main menu videos (ERA 3 mod) – with this modification, the main menu will be animated.Several different animated backgrounds are available with the option to add your own. The main menu buttons are in Russian, but the modification does not change the language of the game. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Land of New Towns (ERA 3 mod) – this mod it’s rather interesting, where you can see how smart people are and how new towns got the game. It is not yet for serious gaming… bugy…

  • Stalker Spells (ERA 3 mod) – replaces animations and sounds of some spells (for example Prayer, Death Ripple, Fire Wall, Blind, Haste…). The new animations come from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R modification of the same name. Changed colour scheme of spellbook and spell icons.

  • Spell Scrool Craft (ERA 3 mod) – hero can craft scrolls from the spells that appear in your Mage guild. Use CTRL + left click the Mage guild. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Tides of War (ERA 3 mod) – VCMI port. It is no longer in development.

  • Human AI (ERA 3 mod) – improves AI strength by emulating human tactics / advantages, rather than simple obviously cheated handicaps. This results in much more interesting games against AI, especially in random maps. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • New Level up screen (ERA 3 mod) – mod will allow the hero to choose any secondary skill (yes, even a knight can choose Necromancy) as he progresses to a new level. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Alternative town screens (ERA 3 mod) – new town screens from Legend of the Red Dragon mod alters town screens and map sprites of all 9 factions, as well as the native terrains of Castle and Tower. Native terrains are now snow for Castle and sand for Tower to match their themes. These two factions will now be generated in random maps on corresponding terrains. Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • 18 new spells (ERA 3 mod) – 18 new spells have been added (well, not quite new, but we don’t have much original graphics and animations). Mod works with ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Hero Portraits manager (ERA 3 mod) – Portraits Manager mod allows giving custom portraits selected from 8 categories to your hero.

  • Heroes 3: Shades of Darkness (ERA 3 mod) – if you liked Heroes VI DLC Shades of Darkness (purpleness :D), you will love this Heroes 3 mod. Only graphical change.

  • HD Ultimate Interface (ERA 3 mod) – thanks to Xyst, we have a complete new HD interface mod for the HD mod version of Heroes 3.

  • Game Difficulty Mod (ERA 3 mod) – a mod to customize game difficulty with many options to select at game start. If you are uncertain what each option does please check the readme, all numbers/tweaks are written there. Modification is part of the ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Mixed Neutrals (ERA 3 mod) – turns regular neutrals on the map into mixed ones (up to 7 different slots). It includes many options and settings, such as aggressiveness, disabling morale, slot generation and distribution modes, configuration probabilities, fine-tuning slots for specific types of monsters, etc.

  • WoG Random Wallpaper  (ERA 3 mod) – will add wonderful new loading screens, menu screens and title music. You will also find instructions in the zip file (tutorial.txt) on how to create your own loading screens…

  • Display Events (ERA 3 mod) – press F6 (or select your key by default in Display_events.ini file) to display all events during game play. A second press will toggle the events.

  • Conquistador (ERA 3 mod) – allows boosting AI players up to 1000%. Contains 3 selectable mods, Better AI, Find me and Builder. Check ini file to enable them.

  • Castle OP (ERA 3 mod) – adds new Castle building – War University (click on Stables).

  • Legend menu (ERA 3 mod) – replaces the icons in the Main Menu of the game with high quality and author’s style.

  • The Empire of the World III (ERA 3 map mod) – The Empire of the World III is about the story of Maximus who returns from his exile. He must pay the ties of hostile face the dangers the most diverse, recruit the most extraordinary creatures.

  • Expanded Artifact backpack (ERA 3 mod) – this clever modification expands the hero’s artifact bag. It is especially suitable for huge XXL maps.

  • Spell Research (ERA 3 mod) – you can change all the spells by right-clicking Mage guild and paying some resources. The spell can be identical to the original one, but no duplicated spells in one research.

  • Glory of War (ERA 3 mod) – this new version has a lot of new features, small corrections here and there and most importantly a lot of new creatures and objects. With the rise of such excelent mods as Tides of War and Horn of the Abyss, the Community is now filled with great new creature concept and animations.

  • Leprechaun’s Bank (ERA 3 mod) – serves as a replacement/extension of the WoG-option “Bank/Resource Trading Center”. When used, it disables the functionality of the WoG-options “Bank”, “Resource Trading Center” and “Ability to transfer ALL resources.” Modification is part of the ERA 3 Launcher.

  • BattleQueue (ERA 3 mod) – creates an initiative panel on the right side of the combat dialog to show upcoming creatures’ turn and the matching round number. Provides additional information on cursor interaction. Modification is part of the ERA 3 Launcher.

  • Bounty Hunter (ERA 3 mod) – Janice the Clerk will ask you to defeat a particular monster. More groups of that monster you defeat that week, better the reward will be.

  • Usain Bolt (ERA 3 mod) – mod adds extra mobility to human player’s victorious heroes. More battles they win, further they will travel each turn.

  • Smugglers Hideout mod – allows you to trade creatures for artifacts and vice versa. Each Smugglers Hideout on adventure map contains different artifacts / creatures.

  • Alternative Upgrades mod – new alternative upgrades for all Castle, Rampart, Tower, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Stronghold and Conflux units with new 8th creature in every factions (from Tides of War mod).
Do not forget that for mods to work, you need to own the original version, for Heroes 1 to 5 preferably, the version from GOG.COM.
Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold
Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete
Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Complete
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Bundle
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  1. Simon

    Is horn of the abyss the only mod you can play online (if I want to play multiplayer)?


    1. Hahakocka

      With Radmin VPN with Lan Mode you van play Heroes 7.5 mod now! There alsó morale patch és with it. It caused freezes now because of the freezes morale changed it a little bit and online is good generally!

      1. NorbiRobin

        FilmGamer HUN?

  2. Piotr

    I really enjoy Horn Of The Abyss. It feels like regular expansions. But I haven’t really tried other mods yet.

  3. Lill

    Hi, I have problem with Mithril in WoG:

    Error (bug) when I want to use mithril in the city to increase the income OR if I want to collect mithril from map. It’s repeating :/

    Does everybody what I can do to eliminate it?

    Please help, thank you in advance.

    1. Lill

      it’s repaired now – i had to update the Third upgrades mode and disable the mod Wog fix eng (Wog fix lite is OK). Now it is running without errors 🙂

      Have a nice day


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