Heroes of Might and Magic all modifications list

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 mods for ERA 2.46f

  • ERA 2.46f (platform) – this version of ERA is no longer in development, its successor is ERA 3.

  • Human Castle – Castle faction with only human units, no angels, griffins or magic units. New town music.

  • Battle Poker II – a friendly game of five-card draw poker, with five players (red – computer only; blue, tan, green, and purple – human or computer). The players each start with 20,000 gold, and are eliminated when they can no longer ante or call raises.

  • BattleHeroes replaces the usual battles into a card game, the goal of which is to destroy the enemy commander. Almost the entire gameplay, including the development of the hero, the commander, the study of spells, the detuning of buildings and the hiring of creatures, takes place directly in battle. Works only with ERA v2.46 or ERA 2.74.

  • Wake of Gods Campaign build – this build is for playing WoG campaigns only and… nothing more. So access to single player screen and WoG options are locked, so player can’t mess with options and scripts and that’s why WoG settings is as close to vanilla wog 3.50 campaigns as possible.

  • Safe SoD – mod purpose is to allow SoD maps to be played in safe WoG environment, within limited and selectable wog options. It also can be used to fast test and apply changes on the fly for both WoG/SoD maps. SoD campaigns are now available from Campaigns menu.

  • Phoenix mod – can the old game be revived? The Phoenix developers think that it’s possible. For that we need strong AI opponents, new creatures abilities, new artifacts, free skills upgrading, specialties selection, adventures with luck, mixed neutrals to replace boring ones, skills balance and differentiating without quantity limit, ehh.
Do not forget that for mods to work, you need to own the original version, for Heroes 1 to 5 preferably, the version from GOG.COM.
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Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete
Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Complete
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Bundle
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