Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition download

PlatformHeroes 7
File Size15.37 GB!!!
Update16.04. 2024
Download (official download, moddb)
*if the download does not work again, please visit discord channel where you will find the current  download link
or try WoG Folderonline source of Heroes of Might and Magic mods (not only Heroes 3 mods, but not Heroes 6 😀 ) and various goodies (like “Did you know” series) that I have managed to collect over the last 10 years for everyone who contributes to the running of the Heroes 3.5 Portal.

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition installation from version 1.30 onwards:

  • Just double click on the installer press Next.
  • Choose if you want more: Heroes 7.5 maps or Xel-Temple Addon, if you don’t want them, then don’t check them.
  • Next and Finish.

Remember the mod should always be installed in your ROOT folder, which is drive C: usually. Don’t try to change the path of the installer. Hopefully this will fix every confusion of installing the mod from now on. You need to have the Trial by Fire expansion installed to play Heroes 7.5.




  1. Johnny

    Hello. The game terminates at start with “Out of memory message”. I have 8 GB of VRAM and 32 GB of RAM.

  2. Y

    If the mod should be installed on the root C: drive, say that in the installation readme. Also, why does it remove all of the downloaded custom maps? At least warn and then save them somewhere in case.

  3. Narden

    It works like a charm, thx a lot for this <3

  4. Emanuel

    Hello, i just bought the game on steam, the deluxe pack(trial by fire included) and i want to know if i can install this mod, it will work? thank you for your time. peace!

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Hi, of course mods will work with this version. Just follow the instructions and you can play.

      1. Emanuel

        Hi again, i’ve installed the mod but it didn’t gave me the option to install to my specific path, it just installed by itself. Where i can find the new mod and play it? or i just start the original trial by fire game? i’m a noob, sry and thank you for your time! xD

        1. Jubi

          The mod files must be placed in your users documents folder, by default it is drive C. Free space on C or move your documents folder to another place (using properties tab).

  5. Kionatria

    The only problem with this is that it’s nearly impossible to even *find* Trial by Fire to begin with. I tried looking on GOG, and not only did they not have even the original game(to say nothing of finding TbF), but they also hadn’t had the MMH 6 or its DLCs. If the expansion for 7 is required for this, then at least provide a download site from which is possible to reliably download it.

    1. Ithuriel

      you do realize what “GOG” stands for?

      1. Kionatria

        Good Old Games, perhaps? o.O

    2. Liso1 (Post author)

      You can find Heroes 6 and 7 on STEAM. Don’t even buy Heroes 6, the online services of this game will be turned off shortly

  6. Ionut

    I have a problem, I’m not sure if it’s from the mod or the original coding. I can’t move my heroes into the garrison building in the second tutorial mission. Could someone tell me if they had this problem as well?

    1. MufnMan

      Hello! Awesome mod, loving every bit of it. One issue I have though is, I’m trying to play with my family but every ai takes absurdly long during their turns. We’re waiting about 5 mins between each turn which is severely hampering the enjoyment. Any solution to that?

  7. Ionut

    nvm, I figured it out. It was because I didn’t complete a mission prerequisite.

  8. Jason


    I’m real noob trying to figure out how to install and play the 7.5 I have steam and trial by fire. where should i install the 7.5 ? as in under / in which folder ? my steam is on drive D: not C:. any help would be really appreciated! i really want to play the 7.5 !

  9. Jubi

    The mod files must be placed in your users documents folder, by default it is drive C. Start the Heroes 7.5 Mod Installer. It will copy all needed files to the right place. Then start the game like before.

  10. FLO

    And thanks for the great Works, This Mod seems amazing, i want to purchase heroes 7 now!

    I have a (stupid) question: does this MOD work with the might and magic heroes VII “complete edition”?
    I want to buy it on steam but i want to be sure that it works.


    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Complete edition is required.

  11. krzysiek

    czemu edycja ostateczna? jest kupa błędów do poprawienia. Jestem po jednej rozgrywce więc chwilowo nie wyczerpie tematu ale są to opcje związane głównie z odzwierciedleniem bohaterów i ich wersji 3d – mam pomarańczowego jaszczura a na “zdjęciu” szary. mam bohatera ala żaba a na “zdjęciu” krokodyl” itp… do tego błędy typu wybieram budynek w którym muszę zdecydować czy jednostka a czy b co zamyka rozwój drogi dla niewybranej jednostki, a poniżej znajduje się ulepszacz przyrostu i mogę znów wybrać dla jednostki a i dla b (oba aktywne nie wyszarzane). do tego błędy być może tylko tłumaczeń np studnia kryształów z której codziennie wydobywa się… deski. i ogólnie niedokończone tłumaczenia na polski… Na moim ekranie (super ultrawide długości 2hd) plansze startowe podczas wczytywania gry widać w części (obraz proporcji hd powiększyło do mojej szerokości i ucięło górę i dół), a kilka drobnych zmian w ułożeniu lub kształcie obrazu i pewnie będzie działać jak oryginalne tła…
    kupa roboty, ale będzie perełka.. już jest genialny dodatek że nawet z błędami świetnie się gra i tyle wspaniałości doszło że gra się całkowicie na nowo, ale jakości i WOGa to nie trzyma jeszcze… zupełnie jakby robiła to przypadkowa grupa entuzjastów którzy pierwszy raz mierzą się z tematem. Ale za włożoną pracę i tak gratuluję tym co robili, tylko trochę kosmetyki, przejrzenia nowinek pod kontem spójności, zmiana kilku zdjęć. Prosimy o wydanie “bardziej finalne” 🙂

  12. Marcel

    Hi, this Mod is amazing, but the Townpicture and the Units from Tower are others then in your Video. Is there an upgrade or something, How can I get them?

  13. Bubbles

    does someonehave a bug that troops have no texture if u know how to unbug it i will be really happy

  14. Marko

    Works like a charm, 5 new towns, if we ignore Mercenary town which probably is not finished yet, but those that works 🙂 they are great.

  15. isoooo

    hi,mod is so good thank you,i have a problem about skirmish maps that i cant pick all heroes from starting and then too,for example konrad when haven,malathua when stronghold may you help me please.

  16. Marko

    Hi All :),

    So first just to say that mode is great 🙂 and I have few questions.

    What is the difference between Easy and Normal AI? I know they are cheating, no problem with that, but my Easy AI team friend managed to create every town building, even if there are no resources on random map, at least we cannot get to them easily, and AI friend is not getting to them :), I can see him, but anyway he managed to create everything in Town.

    During fights, Easy or Normal enemy AI usually have little more army then I, and I will win the fight, but he will usually kill most of my army :), so that I do not have a chance against second Easy/Normal AI. Easy or Normal, they both play on the same way, and cheat on the same way :).

    Is there a way to turn off second Champion unit, some mod configuration file, or in game option?

    Are there some plans to improve random map generator, maps are great, but, how to say, tiles are with ground repeating pattern, and kinda ugly


  17. marek zufka

    does this mod fix multiplayer? because when i played with my brother at some point the game got bugged

  18. MufnMan

    Hello! Awesome mod, loving every bit of it. One issue I have though is, I’m trying to play with my family but every ai takes absurdly long during their turns. We’re waiting about 5 mins between each turn which is severely hampering the enjoyment. Any solution to that?


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