Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition update v1.32 + changelog

No big additions for this update, but a lot of AI work has been done, as well as some visual and gameplay bug fixes etc.

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition
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You need to have the Trial by Fire expansion installed to play Heroes 7.5.

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition udpate v1.32 changelog:

  • Added competence for champion units when taking castles: Now, during a siege, champion units activate an attack at the end of their turn, against fortifications, provided they are adjacent. The value is 5 damage per creature in the stack.
  • Modification alternative inferno ability web infernal ( remove systeme rune )
  • Add of Solmyr (as vanilla for the moment, I’m thinking of modifying its specialization )
  • New reward value for treasure chests:
    • With the new hero costs, the chests will offer more gold and xp.
    • Increase in the value of gold in tax collector
  • Improved AI behavior and development on the adventure map. For this, the price of heroes has been greatly increased, the goal being that he recruits spam less heroes, especially at the end of the game.

visual fix :

  • added new icon for building creature population bonus ( now similar to vanilla , creature evolved portrait ) thanks Jubi
  • add new mesh for dwelling mercenary
  • Add new loading screen

bug fix :

  • Inferno doesn’t have the magic guild spells either : fix
  • Sanctuary alternative, unit price fix
  • Tower faction : Application of freeze : Modification of the setting of application ( should correct frozen unit which moves all the same when plays immediately after being frozen . Need test )
  • Fix icon sanctuary fort ( before was tower’s )
  • Sounds for Castle temple fix (had become dwarf theme, return to lota swamp theme)
  • Mercenary Hero Recruiter: 1 skill was locked: Correct
  • Addition and correction of spell lv4 scrolls in batiment academie .( fire sentry / freezing orb etc )
  • price for upregate temple dwelling fix
  • Several battle maps prevent troops from moving if poorly positioned in tactical phase : fix

Balance :

  • Sanctuary : ability master : 20% damage , nerf , now +10 %
  • Add couldown for Vampirism / nerf heal value
  • Add couldown for Freezing Orbre

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