Heroes 5.5 update RC18e download + changelog

Heroes 5.5 update RC18e will fix the issue of randomly occurring crashes when opening hero inventory or dwelling. The cause of this was found to be a stack overflow issue with sound files on some models including the female elves. many other bugfixes will also be in this patch.

There will also be balance changes. As you may have noticed the amount of balance patches has been going down lately and the changes become smaller in scope, we believe the game has gradually become more and more balanced so this trend will likely continue.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)
see discord server for large database of compatible maps (most maps from maps4heroes.com have to be edited to work properly)

Heroes 5.5 RC18e changelog:

-fixed stack overflow issue with sound files causing random crashes when opening hero inventory and dwellings
-fixed some scenario maps bugging on heroic/impossible difficulty
-player turn timer will now remain visible in combat
-prevented mana replenish script running before teleport to town is completed
-fixed alignment issues for Dungeon and Inferno sacrificial pit UI
-if a defending player cheats mana by staying in inventory the mana will be removed at start of combat.


-Ballista: reduced dmg at expert level from 4-5*AK to 3-5*AK, but increased attack by 2, lower levels are also adjusted, overall dmg reduction is around 7.5%.
-reduced defense of all war machines by ~-2 at all mastery levels
-Fire and Air affinity perks now give 12 DBC and earth affinity 8 DBC, water affinity 10 DBC
-Fire Resistance perk gives +4 instead of +2 defense
-fixed snatch no longer working for getting on and off boats
-fixed frenzy sometimes showing wrong duration of 0 in spellbook
-fixed max mana getting reduced when leveling up if book of power artifact is equipped.


-reduced spellpower scaling of all dmg inflicting spells, but added a base dmg value to all of them to be less dependant on spellpower early. for example lightning bolt is changed from 0+24*SP to 20+20*SP
-Caster’s Luck now also gives +8 spellpower at level 36, to give back the power needed super late game, chieftains gain this bonus at any level as they already did.
-Caster’s Luck now boosts dmg by 25% + 1% per hero level.
-Occultism penetration is now 50% again (from 40%), but the magic defense boots give 14% (before 12%) resistance and the pendant 6% (before 4%).
-reduced mana cost of Frenzy back from 50 to 40, increased dmg buff by 20%, frenzied targets now cannot be retaliated upon.
-fixed bugs with triggering of Magic Mirror, it now triggers only on spells that are cast on enemy targets but Hypnotize and Frenzy cannot be mirrored.
-Phantom Forces spell summons can no longer trigger Mana Destroyer and Mana Stealer creature abilities
-fixed Encourage ability not possible to cast on creatures with magical immunity.


-fixed hovering empowered Fist spell over Magnetic Golem showing 0 damage instead of the proper value.
-Ghost Dragon Sorrow Strike duration changed from =SP to =1+SP/20
-Goblin Witch-Doctors now cannot have more mana than they have creatures in each stack
-Goblin King spec no longer gives mana to Witch-Doctors, instead they can also act first.
-reduced spellpower buff at Bloodrage level 3 for Stronghold tier 4 to x2.5
-Magnetism ability grants immunity to Ignite
-Seduction ability was not considered mind spell when Vampirism was cast. Now Vampirism will dispel any seduction effects on target creature.
-Royal Griffins +5HP, -1D
-Spearweilders +1 mindmg
-Skirmishers +1 maxdmg,-3A
-Harpooners +1 mindmg,+2HP,-2A
-Dryads -1 initiative, sprites +1 initiative
-Symbiosis is 20% stronger
-Crystal Dragons +5 dmg, -5 HP, removed Prismatic Breath, added lightning breath, removed immunity to water, added immunity to air
-Paokai +2 maxdmg, -10HP,
-Foul Wyverns +20HP, -2 maxdmg
-Wraiths +5HP
-Earth Elementals -1 maxdmg
-clarified desc of Angel Wings artifact


-magic resistance as hero specialty is removed from the game since it negatively affects counter choices and random selection
-Marbas starts with fire elementals DBC specialty, bio adjusted
-Calid starts with fire mines specialty, bio adjusted
-fixed Kraal and Maeve having 2 specializations
-Maeve is removed from MP roster, Irina replaces Maeve with griffin specialty
-fixed (now Irina’s) spec triggering Rush Dive immediately
-Gabrielle also has griffin bio, so now gets vampiric griffins specialty
-Ellaine now summons extra peasants into battle
-Bertrand starts with advanced Offense
-King Tolghar starts with advanced Runelore
-Emilia changes to wizard and starts with Light magic
-Galib changes to Conjurer and now gains knowledge instead of spellpower as part of specialization
-Narxes starts with Summoning magic
-Ylaya starts with Drain Soul (not in campaign)
-Shadya starts with Master of Fire
-Jenova and Hrkenraz start with tier 4 in start army


-reduced amount of Ghosts in graves early game


-Dwarves now get a tier 1 runic shrine instead of tier 3 to prevent rune spamming
-fixed some Nethermages and Death Knights getting too many or the wrong bonus creatures
-fixed Davius, Haegir and Shadwyn not getting bonus creatures
-fixed Gottai receiving t7 instead of t4
-fixed Kraal getting no bonus creatures


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