Hall of Immortal Heroes

This page will list every Hero who participates in the functioning of the Heroes 3.5 WoG Portal, whether financial or authorial. Financial contributions are used to pay hosting, domain, coffee (beer) and games in the competition. Thank you! And I would like to avoid misunderstandings in the future, I am not a creator of mods.

You can still support me in creating content and videos about Heroes 🙂
Donate via PayPal and get access to WoG_Folder* and Heroes 3 postcard**
or buy GOG games via this link 🙂

*I send access to the folder manually, please also check SPAM. If you do not receive access within 24 hours, please contact me at admin@heroes3wog.net.

**I also send a postcard to everyone who donates $/€ 10 or more

Immortal Heroes of 2024 AS

Immortal Heroes of 2023 AS

Immortal Heroes of 2022 – 2018 AS

Donate 10 € and Heroes 3 Post Card si yours! You will receive XL Heroes 3 themed post card (210 x 105 mm, laminated paper 270g / m²)

Immortal Heroes of 2017 AS

Financial contributions are used to pay hosting, domain and games in the competition.

Time marches forward and Heroes 3.5 Portal will be celebrating 8 years of its existence at the end of august! During all that time a lot has been accomplished, a lot of articles, information regarding the Heroes series, competitions and an enormous database of modifications, which are all at disposal for download. I manage to run the Heroes 3.5 Portal without any obnoxious advertisements, video ads or idiotic pop-up windows. – Liso

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