Heroes 4 HD mod download

PlatformHeroes 4
File Size52 MB
Mod InfoHD Resolution Mod
Updated27.09. 2023
Download v1.51 (moddb.com)*
Download v1.51 (alternative, WoG Folder)*
Download v1.50.exe (works with this YT tutorial)
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works with this version)
or try WoG Folderonline source of Heroes of Might and Magic mods (not only Heroes 3 mods, but not Heroes 6 😀 ) and various goodies (like “Did you know” series) that I have managed to collect over the last 10 years for everyone who contributes to the running of the Heroes 3.5 Portal.

*Heroes 4 HD mod GLWrapper v1.51 installation: Download and unzip file, then copy “data”, “mods” and “DDRAW.dll” to the folder with GOG Heroes 4 Complete. Start the game as usual with Heroes4.exe. Also works with other Heroes 4 mods.

This mod allows play Heroes of Might and Magic IV on 16:9, 16:10 screens. It is based on HoMM IV GL Wrapper, so it requires it. But download package has already the last version of GL Wrapper, so you don’t need download it separately.

For Heroes 4 to run without crashes on modern systems after installing HD mod:

  1. Run Heroes 4 in window mod.
  2. In top menu open “Options”.
  3. Turn off “Cold CPU” and turn on “Single Core”.
  4. After that you can return to full screen

This will fix almost all crashes and speed up AI taking turns!

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