Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod download

Platform Heroes 4
Version alpha
File Size 80 MB
Update 20.07. 2022
Author Albyx
Download (official, moddb.com)
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

The idea of this mod is to give players new revolutionary choices, while carefully saving ideas and vibe of the vanilla game. All factions get instruments to build new strategies, but you can still use your favorite from the original game, because this mode ENHANCES the game, not turns it into something completely new.

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod  installation:

  1. Make a copy of your Heroes 4 game folder.
  2. Copy and paste all files from Data folder to Data folder of your game.
  3. Copy and paste other files from this archive to your game folder.
  4. To play the mod, run h4mod.exe.

This mod also includes all Equilibris 3.55 improvements and some changes from Equilibris++ by H4Zer0 (more info in changelog_equilibris_plus_plus file).

Known bug: game crashes on “buy all creatures screen”, when two level 4 dwellings are built in Might town.