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Please note – this mod is written in ASM, which is great for debugging, thus favored by hackers. that AV software doesn’t like for obvious reasons. False positives may occur, especially if you use free antivirus (which is always nothing but promotion of its paid version) such as Avast and AVG. You have been warned.

Master of Puppets can be installed on any HoMM 3 addon/mod without any worries – it doesn’t modify original game files in any way and can be easily uninstalled through included batch file. MoP v3+ is available in two languages – russian and english. MoP isn’t compatible with HD-mod, yet has some of its functionality. MoP isn’t compatible with RoE and AB addons. Installation – download and launch the self-extracting archive from link below, enter the path where your HoMM 3 game is installed, run MoP.exe.

master of puppets

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  1. Devin

    The MOP Mega weblink isn’t working?


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