VCMI download

Platform Heroes 3 Complete
File Size 36 MB
Version 1.3.2
Authors Warmonger, VCMI team
Last Update 18.09. 2023
Download (official download, github)
Download (alternative download from WoG Folder)
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How to install VCMI v1.3 and mods using VCMI Launcher

As of VCMI 1.2 and newer Windows 10 or newer is required. Our automated system uses elements incompatible with older Windows in modules that use Intel TBB library.

Use VCMI Launcher to install mods

Use VCMI Launcher to install mods

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  1. Dexter

    Nemůžu spustit VCMI launcher. Poklikam na to hodi se na 2 sekundy hodiny a pak se nic nestane.


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