How to install and setup ERA 3 Launcher (WoG)

What is ERA 3 Launcher?

ERA 3 Launcher contains the latest version of ERA 3, HD mod with Online Lobby, ERA Scrips, Unleashed Map Editor, Mixed Neutrals mod, XXL maps support, Game Enhancement mod, Advanced Classes mod, BattleQueue mod  and more in one installation package! And the best thing at last, the ERA 3 Launcher also includes an auto-update feature, so you don’t have to worry about searching for updates, everything will be done by itself.

ERA 3 is much more advanced, optimized, stable and includes Wake of Gods (WoG) as a modification. For me personally, this is the best way to discover a New Life of Heroes of Might and Magic!

Where can I download ERA 3 Launcher?

The installation file is only 27 MB and you can download it here on the page. You can use the link directly from the author or WoG Folder. The installation file is named: “Heroes 3 Launcher.exe“, download and save it to your desktop.

How do I install ERA 3 Launcher?

1. Download ERA 3 Launcher installer to your Desktop. The installation file is named: “Heroes 3 Launcher.exe“.

2. Run “Heroes 3 Launcher.exe” and just click “NEXT” on the initial screen.

3. In the next step, choose where ERA 3 Launcher will be installed. Do not install the game in “Program Files” folder. Use the C: or D: drive directly (or D:\Games\).

4. On the next screen, confirm that you want to start the installation. Click on “INSTALL“. Installation takes a few seconds.

5. ERA 3 Launcher platform is installed. Run it by clicking on “FINISH“.

6. ERA 3 Launcher will update immediately after the first launch, update it by clicking “YES“. The update takes only a moment, you will be notified of its completion with a message: “Patching Complete“. Click “Close” in the window.

7. The current version of ERA 3 Launcher will be launched automatically. We are going to install Heroes 3 ERA version. We start the installation by clicking the “Install Game” button.

8. In the first window, click “NEXT“. In the next window, you can choose the installation language ENG or RU. Then click “NEXT“.

9. In the next step, choose where Heroes 3 ERA will be installed. You can use the same folder where the ERA 3 launcher is also installed. Then click “NEXT“. And on the next screen, press the “INSTALL” button.

10. The installation with updates takes a little longer, it will download around 1 GB of data. As soon as Heroes 3 ERA is downloaded to your computer, it will search for an available update. Click on “Update“.

11. You will receive a notification about the completion of the update. Click “CLOSE“.
12. If you have ERA 3 Launcher running, it needs to be closed and restarted. You already have a shortcut on your desktop with which you can start ERA 3 Launcher again.

ERA 3 launcher13. Now click on Mod Manager in the top right. In the Mod Manager, you can see all mods that are enabled and thus run together with the game. If you don’t like one of the default modifications, you can turn it off and vice versa.

14. If you have the mods selected, you can close the Mod manager and start the HD mod by clicking on the “HD MOD” button. If you click the “Play” button right away, the game will start immediately in a window. You can then switch it to full screen with the F4 key. Feel free to experiment with resolution settings and different filters until you get the best result.

IMPORTANT: At the first launch, HD mod will also want to be updated, but it may happen that your antivirus program will not like it. The update will not take place at all and will end with an error message. I do it by turning off the AV for 10 minutes, updating the HD mod and continuing to work.

15. BONUS: Heroes 3 HD mod also includes an ERA Online Lobby, so you can easily play with your friends.

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