WoG Graphics fix v2.17 update – curses and blessing icons redesign

This amazing graphic modification not only modifies and enhances the graphics of old WoG objects, but also adds many new ones.

WoG Graphics fix
works with Heroes 3 ERA Launcher*

!Before installation, it is recommended to delete the old mod folder (wog fix eng / wog fix rus).

[+] Added a new type of tree for Grass. Set includes 14 birches and an additional sawmill
[*] Changed the graphics of WoG objects – Summoning Stones, Artificer, Emerald Tower, Mirror of the Way Home
[*] Changed the graphics of WoG banks – Transylvanian Tavern and House of the Bat
[*] Icons of curses and blessings have been redesigned
[*] A number of large hero specialization icons have been redesigned (.png format)
[*] Changed the graphics of empty WoG objects – № 45, № 46
[+] Added 3 blue flowers for Grass
[*] Changed the graphics of the Enchanted Tower
[*] Increased color saturation of the Ruby of Offence
[*] Fixed pixel flickering near the Dracolichs’ dwelling
[*] The graphics of the Grass terrain’s mines have been redone
[*] The graphics of the new subterranean lakes have been redone
[+] An unused Subterranean hole sprite from the original game has been added to the Map Editor
[*] Changed the color palette of decorative statues to a warmer color
[*] Changed the name of the def for creature experience icons
[*] Icons for victory and defeat conditions have been converted to .png format
[*] Minor fixes to sprites from previous patches

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