TUM Lite Enchanted edition mod

PlatformERA 3
File Size1 MB
Updated23.02. 2024
Download (alternative download, mega.nz)
for proper functioning, it is necessary to install Third Upgrades mod LITE
works with ERA 3 Launcher
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
or try WoG Folderonline source of Heroes of Might and Magic mods (not only Heroes 3 mods, but not Heroes 6 😀 ) and various goodies (like “Did you know” series) that I have managed to collect over the last 10 years for everyone who contributes to the running of the Heroes 3.5 Portal.

How to install: Download file, extract archive and put in ERA3/MODS folder. Advanced Class Mod (ACM), Difficulty Mod and AmerAI are recommended. TUM Lite Enchanted need to have higher priority of TUM Lite and ACM.


Rebalancing nearly all units (low level units are now more useful)

Now hero movements points are based on the fastest stack (yes, now you can carry zombies with you)

Every faction have new and unique strategy

Faction without Mage Guild Level 5 have other bonus

Buildings cost are change (Cyclops Cave do not cost 1 kidney anymore)

Over 100 new unique skills for creatures

City produce more gold

Many more!


  1. tom

    Can i instal this on full version of TUM???

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      No, only TUM lite.

  2. Zhulien Lachev

    Good day! My name is Zhulien Lachev. This is the best modification for Heroes 3 and my most favorite! My best wishes, congratulations and eternal respect to it’s creators! Unfortunately I have a key problem to play the basic updated TUM lite mod + Enchanted version patch. I have used ERA 3 Launcher as usually. I installed everything.
    I activated the proper needed submods on the correct order as in the description. The game started normally from the icon and the all content is clear in it. But when I started single playing on any map I saw the current problem for me immediately. There are groups of much higher level units which are guarding the simple mines and resources. And at the same time there are groups of much lower level units which are guarding the artifacts and bigger stocks of resources. Could I resolve this uncomfortable situation with any of the WOG list options? Because on that way the gameplay is almostly broken for me from the beginning.
    I really need some help about this question of mine.
    I like so much your work on the mod! There are so many perspective options and additional contents which you put in it. The graphics… the units… they are all adorable. My most favorite town is Tower – leaded by the Lords of Thunder…
    So if anyone can help me with proper advice and some useful information I would be with so grateful heart. I just want to play this mod so much without that boring error. Thank you in advance brothers! Be blessed! My personal e-mail is: zhulienlachev@abv.bg

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Check through the Mod Manager if by chance the Difficulty Mod is not active, this could cause groups of much higher level units. Alternatively, send me screenshots of your WoG options by email. (admin@heroes3wog.net)


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