Third Upgrades Mod download

Platform ERA 3
File Size 152 MB
Updated 02.05. 2023
Version 2.17
Authors V_Maiko
Download (alternative download,
works with ERA 3 Launcher
Heroes 3 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)
or try WoG Folderonline source of Heroes of Might and Magic mods (not only Heroes 3 mods, but not Heroes 6 😀 ) and various goodies (like “Did you know” series) that I have managed to collect over the last 10 years for everyone who contributes to the running of the Heroes 3.5 Portal.

Third Upgrades mod installation

  1. Third Upgrades mod works very well with ERA 3 Launcher, so install it according to these instructions.
  2. Download the current version of Third Upgrades mod to your desktop from this page.
  3. Run [Gameplay] Third Upgrade Mod [v2.x.x] and select folder where is Heroes 3 ERA installed. Click Extract and confirm installation.
  4. Modification is installed, you can start the game via ERA 3 Launcher
  5. If you find bugs, you can report them on the forum: HC Forum.


  1. Tobias

    Hi i need a passwort too open the file what is that pls

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      pass: 123

  2. Morgohrr


    Is there a patch note for the new version? I see the Gnolls marauders are now upgraded to Centagnolls instead of the very much useless Gnoll Shamans is that so?

  3. Skang

    It seems Living skulls are still not being generated when WOGifying maps with TUM. They fixed the issue on ERA last year, but with new(er) versions it still seems it’s not generating any “Living Skulls” around the map.

    1. Skang

      LE: not sure if it’s TUM influencing Living skull from generating. I have disabled it and it’s still not generating in ERA

      1. Skang

        Fixed. Needed to reload the mods and it started generating again. sorry for spamming. Can remove the comms


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