Read what the creators of Heroes III have to say to fans on its 25th anniversary

The Heroes of Might and Magic III 25th anniversary is a big deal, so I decided to reach out to the original members of the team that developed Heroes III to see if they had anything to say to the fans. For the last 2 weeks, I tried to contact the creators via FB, email, LinkedIn, etc. in several ways.

So far I managed to get in touch with David Mullich, game director aka hero Sir Mullich and with the game designer Gregory Fulton. For now, I’m waiting for the other members to reply, and as soon as they write back, I’ll add their replies here.

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David Mullich / Director

On behalf of the Heroes of Might and Magic III development team, I want to express our thanks for the kind support from the HOMM fan community. I am humbled that you still remember our game and even continue to play it twenty-five years after its release. We never doubted that it would be a fun game to play, but we never imagined that it would become so meaningful to so many of you. I am glad that the hard work put in by the entire team to make this game has paid off in such a glorious way. For Erathia!

Gregory Fulton / Designer

After 25 years, it is amazing people are still discovering, buying, and playing Heroes3.  It sits atop GOG’s all-time bestseller list, mods continue to be developed and released, the competitive scene endures, there is a vinyl recording of the soundtrack, and a proper tabletop interpretation.  Heroes3 is more successful now… than ever… and it all stems from the passion of the fanbase.  Absolutely mind-blowing.

Paul Romero / Composer

Thank you for listening. It’s a miracle that people still remember the tunes after 2 and 1/2 decades.

Jon Van Caneghem / Designer

I am waiting for his answer.

Phelan Sykes / Artist

I am waiting for her answer.

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