Refuge town big update with alternative dwellings and creatures (VCMI)

Refuge is a town created by Yuya that takes its inspiration from WoG’s Neutral Town and Heroes3’s Refuge Camp. The common point of its creatures is their nonbelonging to the other factions. Thus, this castle sports concepts such as nomadism, motley armies and makeshift solutions. The town also takes elements from the Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Akkadian mythologies.

Refugee Town
Refugee Town VCMI forum

Reguge town changelog:

  • Renamed in-game faction into “Refuge” (previously “Refugee”) to better fit H3-style town names.
  • Wrote the background lore of the faction and the heroes backstory have been rewritten.
  • Changed Refuge’s native terrain from “Dirt” to “Rough”, and main resource from “Sulfur” to “Mercury”.
  • Fixed Factory Extension (horde) not increasing gold/diamond golems growth.
  • Special building “Genizah” now grants +1 knowledge instead of adding spells to Mage Guild.
  • Grail: Removed bonus to Magic resistance. It now increases movement points of heroes by 300.
  • Reworked faction’s building tree and hall screen. Fixed dead pixels from adventure map castle sprites.
  • For heroes that specialize in creatures: Few changes/fixes + Improved graphics for specialty icons.
  • Changed all hero’s description to fit the new written backstory.
  • Reworked heroes’ secondary skills to be more coherent with vanilla heroes.
  • Fixed Keyvan’s specialty now working as intended.
  • Changed starting spell(s) for Mithra, Aran & Reza.
  • Removed spell book for Shayan, Leyla & Soraya.
  • Changed specialty for Sierra, Yemapel, Aran & Leyla.
  • BALANCE OVERHAUL for every creature (statistics, abilities & costs) + NEW ALTERNATIVE UNITS!
  • Removed standalone copies of neutral units so the town uses the real vanilla ones.
  • Improved Icons graphics, and created Daeva adventure map sprite.
  • Reworked stack experience & increased compatibility with Wake of Gods.
  • Converted vanilla’s neutral units’ dwellings to be the same as Refuge.
  • Ahriman: Changed costs, buffed damage, Holy breaker now slows the target, removed magic resistance ability.
  • Increased units’ tiers by 1: Rogue is now level 2, Nomad level 3, Sharpshooter level 4, G/D golems level 5.
  • Enchanter and Nightmares are now both level 6, but their dwellings cannot be built at the same time.
  • New creature LVL1 Overcomer / Survivor, and alternative LVL7 Rusty Dragolem / Dragolem.
  • Replaced ex-LVL1U Spy with new creature “Cutthroat”. Has “No retaliation” instead of “Flying”.
  • Replaced ex-LVL3 Sagittarii with new creature “Bowman”. Mostly graphics difference.
  • Replaced ex-LVL5 Sorceress with new creature “Thaumaturge”, a weaker variant of Enchanter.
  • Reworked sounds for Angra Mainyu & Ahrimans.
  • Fixed Enchanter spells list to fit vanilla H3.
  • Daeva now has 1% chance of transmuting target into Peasants (buggy on VCMI v1.4.2 – untested on newer versions).

refuge town



  1. apro

    If only you could check the SSL handshake error in order to be able to make this update. Thank you.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      I haven’t even heard of this problem, can you make a screenshot? or send a crash shreport?

      1. apro

        It’s been like a week since I couldn’t make any update on vcmi launcher. Here is the link to the image of the message I’m getting each time I start the launcher:

      2. apro

        Have you seen my message with the screenshot link?

        1. faust.twi

          you have virus. and windows as a main os…

        2. Liso1 (Post author)

          Yes, I’ve reported it to the VCMI authors, so we’ll see what their response is.

  2. faust.twi

    one of the most interesting towns in homm3. another one is courtyard.

  3. apro

    I even tried to reinstall the vcmi launcher and still doesn’t work, same SSL handshake error. I have not modified anything on my connection, pc or in-game settings and it just doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t update, now not even let me install it. Can you help me in any way?

  4. apro

    Now I’ve tried to install ERA 3 WOG with launcher. Followed the exact steps from your YT video. It also crashes with another error “text resource cannot find campbttn.txt”. I sent a report. So another one bites the dust. I’ve tried to install Exiled Kingdoms. Downloaded the archive, it crashes, doesn’t open. Can you please fix these problems or recommend me something that works because I really appreciate your work so far and at this moment I’m a little bit taken back by these failures. Thank you for your time.

    1. Liso1 (Post author)

      Which video did you follow? This is the current installation guide:

      The Exiled Kingdoms archive is over 600MB. You probably didn’t download it completely and were trying to open it. I tried it now and the game works without any problems.

      1. apro

        I will follow the exact steps on this link and see if I get through, hopefully. About the Exiled Kingdoms issue, I’ve downloaded completely the whole archive, several times, doesn’t work, for me at least. It says it’s “incomplete” whenever I try to open it. But what about the vcmi launcher error that keeps pop-up? Is there any chance to solve that? Thanks again for your time.

        1. Liso1 (Post author)

          About VCMI issue: A guy said that installing Windows6.1-KB3004394-v2-x64 fixed this issue, but according to the screenshot, you are using Windows 7, unfortunately it is already an outdated system, so expect even more problems in the future

          1. apro

            Well, thank you for clarifying and adressing my concerns. I’ll see what I can do to improve my system in order to enjoy your team’s work. Have a great day my friend.

  5. cs.kali

    I’ve started a new game with this mod and when I wanted to load my save afterwards it gave me this error: Unknown entity ‘refugee-town:rfgcRogue’.
    Also I’ve noticed that I’m unable to upgrade the rogues in my garrison and I have all the resources and buildings. The button is missing only for that unit.

    1. yuya

      This is probably due to an incompatibility issue. I guess you’re using Antagarich Burning. You need to deactivate this mod, or remove antagarich’s rogue / cutthroats files because it overwritte rogue’s upgrades and prevent refuge’s rogue to work correctly.


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