Fanstratics update #42 – Devil and RMG templates

Fanstratics Troop: Devil

Considered forsaken, Devils are notable for their inhuman appearance and absent wings. Without restriction, these fallen Angels can teleport about the Battlefield, and reappear in an explosion of fire and brimstone. Following this preliminary Assault, Devils can execute a primary Assault, utilizing a pair of one-handed scythes. If their arrival wasn’t enough to rouse fear in their enemies, Devils can also ‘damn’ their targets to a death beyond the reach of Resurrection.

This was one of our more unusual concepts. In typical fashion, I gave Justin a description, and he delivered four thumbnails. Upon picking one, Justin delivered a rough, different from the thumbnail. I wrote back and asked Justin why the rough was unlike the thumbnail. He admitted he got carried away. After another rough, he nailed it.

Fanstratics Question: Do you plan to add a “template editor” into Fanstratics? (If you are not aware what it does in H3. You create template based on values, zones, strength of monsters. Select what can spawn, how many objects etc etc. And after game generate map out of that which you can play. So every map generated like that is completely new one.)

I’m quite familiar with the Random Map Generator (RMG) templates for HoMM3, as I created the original batch in MS Excel. Keep in mind, what is presently being done in the community is light years beyond what I did back in 1999.

As for the present, I am focused on my health, and when I am able to work… PvE functionality. Eventually, I’ll get around to PvP and the RMG, which will be a significant undertaking. I strongly suspect, as part of this effort, there will be an RMG ‘template editor’ of some sort.

HoMM3 Question: When talking factions you mention a very loose concept of a Clockwork faction being pitched. Was this after the cancellation of Forge, or was it supposed to coexist with Forge?

Originally, the idea of a Clockwork faction was proposed by Jennifer Bullard, and came on the heels of the Forge’s cancellation. It was never intended to coexist with the Forge. It was a good idea, but I shot it down, for a couple of reasons. First, I had lost all confidence in NWC’s artists to render anything other than fantasy. Second, I wasn’t sure the faction would fly, as it would be created in the shadow of the Forge. Third, plans to move ahead with the ‘Conflux’ were already approved and in motion.

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