Fanstratics update #41 – Ogre Mage and Hero spell casting

Fanstratics Troop: Ogre Mage

Amongst Ogres, the Ogre Mage is revered. Amongst all other wizards, the Ogre Mage is disregarded. With knowledge and limited castings of only one spell, the Ogre Mage has the ability to Enrage a separate Allied Division. At first, this may not seem significant, but the effect is cumulative and persistent for the remainder of Battlefield Combat. Furthermore, under specific Battlefield conditions, this effect can be applied to an entire Army, making the Ogre Mage a surprisingly effective, albeit limited, caster.

Heroes 3 Recollection: Ogre Mage and Warcraft 2

Fanstratics Question: Will a hero be able to cast more than one spell per turn?

In Fanstratics, like HoMM3, Heroes can only cast one spell per ‘turn’ unless special circumstances dictate otherwise (like an artifact).

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