HoMM3: The Board Game – Rule Book Rewrite Project ⚔️️

This Rule Book Rewrite Project ⚔️️ aims to rewrite the original rule book, in which the amount of vague language was just too vast to ignore. This repository hosts a document that aims to explain the rules clearly and concisely, and should eventually have an answer for any basic rules query you might have.

This repository hosts three documents. Click to download the most recent builds:
📜 Rewritten Rule Book
🖨️ Rewritten Rule Book – printable version️️
📋 Comprehensive Components List
Rule Book Rewrite Project 📜🪶 (GitHub)

🤔 Why?


The content in the official English rule book is, simply put, insufficient as a teaching tool for the game or as a general rules reference. If you read the thread linked above you should understand how frustrating this has been for me.

🛠️ How?


I am completely rewriting the rule book in LaTeX. It’s possible that a finalized version will be later put together using other tools such as Adobe Visual Studio.

This is a communal effort. This repository serves both as a means for me to preserve my work, but also for others to contribute to it as writers, proofreaders, or layout designers. If you wish to contribute directly, please contact me on BoardGameGeek or discord, my username is Heegu on both platforms.

🔮 The Future


All new version of the rule book and their change logs will be published here and in the BGG thread. I will probably submit an indefinite number of changes before changing the version number again. The aim is to have a vastly superior “1.0” version ready before most people receive their pledges.

The current aim is to produce a document that’s meant more for digital reading, as most references to other rules and sections within the document are accomplished by using hyperlinks in the text. I know most people would also love a version that’s designed more for printing, I’ll see if I later have the energy to create that as well. A printable document would probably be more of a shorter reference, this document will always have 30+ pages.

Please discuss any and all factual errors, bad language or other errors you’ve found by either contacting me directly or in the thread. You can do this by reaching out to me directly or by opening pull requests with suggestions. – by Hermanni ”Heegu” Karppela

HoMM III: The Board Game – more information about the Battlefield expansion

Source: https://github.com/Heegu-sama/Homm3BG

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    Incredible how expensive it was and I still haven’t received mine… and on the top of that it seems that the rulebook is written poorly(?!).


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