HoMM III: The Board Game – more information about the Battlefield expansion

The mighty Battlefield expansion has descended upon us, introducing two completely new modes for the 1 vs 1 format. Play the brand new Adventure or Skirmish modes, where you will have the power to command your units in strategic combat. These modes allow you to control up to 7 units during combat and greatly enhance your options for more tactical play.

So ready your weapons, heroes of Might and Magic, and prepare for the ultimate test of skill and strength. The realm of Antagarich beckons, and only the bravest and most strategic among us shall emerge victorious.

Battlefield expansion – Adventure Mode

In the Adventure mode, all of the game’s tiles, locations, and the map is converted into a deck of Adventure cards, each one holding the promise of great glory or devastating defeat. With each passing turn, you must choose one of these cards to unveil what fate holds for your hero and face the perilous challenges that lie within.

But beware, for your time is limited, and your fate rests on the sharp edge of your decisions. You must choose wisely, for the deck is split into two distinct categories: Combat and Event. The former will pit you against foes, while the latter will present you with meaningful encounters that may alter the course of your journey.

You may choose to keep one card for a later time to be used at a pivotal moment. But even this strategic move requires forethought and skill, for the clock is always ticking, and the path ahead is fraught with peril.

The cards themselves are full of elements familiar from the map tiles. Each card is designed to reflect the diverse and fascinating elements of the map.

Battlefield expansion – Skirmish Mode

In the Skirmish Mode, you can find some rules that will allow you to  skip the whole adventure and get you right into the fight. At the start of the game, you prepare your Starting deck and then proceed to add additional cards to your deck. For example:

  • Draw 4 Ability cards and discard one of them
  • Draw 3 Artifact cards and discard one of them
  • Draw 2 Spell cards

Then add all of these cards to your deck and take your units as shown in the instructions. Now you have everything to start a battle.

So enter this realm with your head held high, adventurer, and let the cards guide your path. For in this land of danger and opportunity, only the bravest and most cunning will emerge victorious.

Every time you resolve a combat Adventure card, you need first to choose the enemy’s combat power, then select 2 of your units, and roll 2 Attack dice. If the sum of Attacks from the chosen units and the die results are equal or greater than the enemy power combined, you win this encounter and receive rewards.

Glory and honor await those who are brave enough to seize them, but one misstep might stop you from ever reaching the spoils of war. And only the ones who decide their paths successfully will emerge triumphant.

In addition to the various components included in this expansion box, there is also an exciting new way to utilize morale in gameplay. This is made possible through the inclusion of morale cards, which serve as a replacement for the standard morale tokens found in the core game.

By utilizing these morale cards, players can introduce a fresh element of strategy into their regular gameplay sessions. Overall, the addition of morale cards to this expansion box serves as a great way to breathe new life into the game and keep things exciting for players.


Combat on the Battlefield board works similarly to the base game, with some exceptions.

Now during activation, all of your units can move a number of hexes equal to or lower than their Initiative. Your Ranged units can attack any target if no one is adjacent to them, but they suffer a combat penalty if a target is 8 or more hexes away. And of course, you can use obstacles to take advantage of the situation.

Before combat on the Battlefield starts, players can place obstacles on the board by placing them 1 by 1 at a time. After that, the players take turns placing their units on the Battlefield Combat board.

There is also an option to use the Battlefield board during regular games but it may extend your playtime, so we recommend using it only for Player vs Player combat.

Also, you can view the rulebook for the Battlefield expansion here:

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