Heroes Glory – a simple tabletop RPG inspired by Heroes III

If you are a fan of tabletop RPGs, you should definitely not miss the new addition Heroes Glory. Heroes Glory is inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic III and created with taking in account relevant mechanics of the original game design. It is written by George Seryapov and here is its brief story:

As many others in this group, I was a huge fan of HoMM3 since my childhood but haven’t been playing for ages. Suddenly in my 30s I have returned to it and found myself feeling the same high as a child way back when. The only thing I wished at that moment, was to be more knowledgeable about the lore and more engaged into the world of Might and Magic.

For nearly 3 years I’ve been making a simple tabletop RPG called “Heroes Glory”. I found some friends who helped to develop and test the rules inspired by the classical mechanics. Moreover, you may see some beautiful miniatures of the HoMM units we’ve made for the game (STL files are here: Heroes Glory miniatures).

Recently we’ve finished translating the first edition of the rules into English, and now we are ready to present the game to the beloved community: Heroes Glory rulebook.

Nowadays we are working on the second edition, that will be even more beautiful, more dynamic and have more details and features from the original game. The translation of the second edition and the scenarios for the game will depend on the interest of the community.

– by G. Seryapov


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