Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod update v1.2.1m

New version of Enhancement Mod includes the latest advancements in modding of Heroes 4. Brand new adventure map objects with unique mechanics, support of all Equilibris 3.55 and H4ObjectPack maps, new Death town building and more. With new Plugin Manager you can easily customize game by creating your unique mods configuration. EM 1.2 comes with various plugins useful not only for this mod enjoyers, but for all Heroes 4 players!

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

Battle Queue: Hold Shift or toggle Caps Lock to see order of turns in combat.

New "War Institute" building

New “War Institute” building

Heroes 4 Enhancement Mod Installation:

  1. Download and unpack archive with mod files.
  2. If you have previous version of EM installed, delete all old plugin folders from “*your game folder*\Plugins”.
  3. Paste all files from archive to your game folder.
  4. If you want to change mod configuration, run “H4MS_Manager.exe”.
  5. To run modded game use “heroes4_em.exe”. To run modded campaign editor use “campaign_editor_h4em.exe”.

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