Heroes 4 Ultimate download

Platform Heroes 4
Version v7.2
File Size 413 MB
Update 02.08. 2022
Author Nimostar
Download (official, moddb.com)
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

An enhanced version of Heroes of Might and Magic 4. Unlike other mods,Ultimate version preserves all factions as they were in the original game. Now with more abilities and spells for creatures and heroes alike. This also includes more map objects, a graphics overhaul and filtering. Additionally, there are remastered campaigns for the original H4 and both of its expansions.

So far there has been modified:

  • 200+ hero portraits
  • 100+ creature portriats (73 in both 82 and 52 px)
  • Spell icons
  • Over 40 new map objects! (most desert themed)
  • 10+ new usable spells!
  • 5 previously unused abilities for creatures!
  • 4 reskinned creatures
  • Full HD wide-screen variation of the main menu with vivid colors!

And much more of course…