Heroes 7 Unoffical Community Patch (UCP) has become a part of Heroes 7.5!

Important announcement by Antalyan

When I released the first version of this mod 5 years ago, I had no idea how far it is possible to get while modding Heroes 7. What started as a simple fix of bugs and unfinished things that bothered me in the game grew into one of the most popular H7 modifications with thousands of downloads and translations into 9 languages. I would like to thank all those who supported the mod, no matter whether it was their own fix, translation, content improvement, bug report or language translation.

As time passed, it became clear Ubisoft has no more plans with the Heroes saga, so the only future of this series is modders, and the importance of mods like this one even increased. And so, one day, this mod became a part of something bigger, a project called Heroes 7.5.

Not only have new factions been finally added to the game (long-awaited Inferno and Sanctuary plus a new icy faction called Tower), but also a lot of content has been added, improved and modified. The project is based on UCP 1.3, so all fixes and improvements will be available for those fans who would like to enjoy the extended Heroes 7 experience. And for those who would like even more, there are even more factions in a separate development!

Since it has no sense to create several different futures for Heroes 7, the UCP mod will no longer be updated as a standalone, and all balancing changes and potential fixes will be included only in Heroes 7.5. Naturally, old releases will remain available for those who prefer the original experience enhanced with UCP fixes.

Feel free to join Heroes 7.5 community Discord to get the newest updates, provide suggestions, feedback and bug reports, or even contribute, as any helping hand is always welcome (you can help with development, translations, graphics, story writing… anything) 😉

See you there,

Antalyan (UCP author)

Unofficial Community Patch
Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition

Heroes 7.5 – Sanctuary

Heroes 7.5 – Tower

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