Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition update v1.30 with easier installation + changelog

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition installation from version 1.30 onwards: Just double click on the installer press Next. Choose if you want more, the Heroes VII.5 maps or Xel-Temple Ad-don, if you don’t want them, then don’t check them. Next and Finish. Very simpleeeeeee!!!!!!! remember the mod should always be installed in your ROOT folder, which is drive C: usually. Don’t try to change the path of the installer. Hopefully this will fix every confusion of installing the mod from now on. You need to have the Trial by Fire expansion installed to play Heroes 7.5.

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition
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You need to have the Trial by Fire expansion installed to play Heroes 7.5.

Heroes 7.5 Ultimate Edition v1.30 changelog:

Added content:

  • New alternative unit for all factions.
  • New ability for all alternative units and their alternative:
    • Secret skill : It will be activated once your hero has reached a specific stat level, giving in most cases a health bonus, and a new skill effect to the creature.
    • This is to make alternatives more interesting depending on the hero played (migth or magic), to make each new creature useful, and not let it be erased by its alternative, and to diversify the gamplay.

Change in game and balance:

Change of the external dwellings

  • Modification of the Stronghold tree: (in order to place the thunderbirds as an alternative to the wyvern, the centaur and wyvern creatures have been swapped in the city construction).
    As a result, the centaur will take a little longer to unlock (lv9) instead of 6.
    This will slow down stronghold’s starting progression (which was quite strong on this side) a bit.
  • Sylvan Dragon: Regeneration change: heals 55 hit points per dragon in play.
  • Sylvan Dragon adds ability: shield protection.
  • Modification of Soulless and lv2 : delete fatal strike / Become a creature of magic type : Dark
  • Several creatures have changed their element (migt or magic) in order to balance the alternatives
  • Modification of the domages of t3 xel (now, takes into account the attack and the defense)
  • Balancing the t3 xel life point
  • t6 inferno : the creature becomes migth type ( no magic ) Its ranged attack remains fire type ( specific ), the attack does not strike in zone anymore
  • Valkiry / dis : t4 fortress : stat up + 5 life points and 3 def
  • The active runes ability can now be used 3 times per fight
  • Passive runes of destruction and resilience increased from 4 attack to 8 and 6 defence to 8.
  • Radiance aura duration (triples buff) increased by 1 turn.
  • Warfare xel: Random debuff effect removed, replaced by cecis: Inflicts damage and removes a positive aleatoir effect from the target.
  • Fire giant area damage no longer applies to allies, basic fire giant gains area damage skill.
  • Healing spells, overall power multiplied by 3.
  • Reduction of boss rewards : becomes 4 relics ( before it was 8 )

Bug fix:

  • Added a portal back into the Mercenary castle
  • Mercenaries needed the capitol to build the magic guild 4 : remove
  • Temple creature champion terradon, the update reduced the population to 1 per week : fix
  • Hero specialization ability Durin (dwarf) increase magic power of unlimited wielding: fix, magic bonus value lowered to 15% currently
  • Tyrant had a double ability description: correction
  • Terradon had an empty space in his abilities, which created a crash in fast combat: fix
  • Terradon lv2 had less initiative than the base level: fix
  • Manticorp base had more defense than lv2 : fix .

Localization :

  • Many text and formula corrections.
  • Added missing descriptions and new alternative descriptions (in progress, still some missing)
  • Added a location in the file : Xel_duel ( for the new construction map )
  • Text modification in : generic text file : mmh7game : Description add pure Lighthouse and power tower Adding a location in the file : Xel_duel ( for the new construction map )
  • Text modification in : geneal text file : mmh7game : Description add forLighthouse and power tower ( line : TT_Non_permanant_bonus ) for int and fr
  • Runeskill : modification of the text of the rune of radiance ( see at the bottom of the list , version 1.30 ) for fr and .int
  • Added new descriptive and explanatory text when loading a map.
  • Various other bugs fixed.
  • Mercenary Caravan still has no model, for some reason, I can’t get it to work properly, I apologize, and we’ll see what we can do.

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