Heroes Chronicles – Fully Compability HD mod download

PlatformHeroes 3 Chronicles
File Size975 MB
Updated03.05. 2023
LanguageENG / PL / ES
Download (official download)
Download (alternative download, WoG Folder)

All parts of Heroes Chronicles and Heroes 3 Complete (ideally GOG version) must be downloaded before installation. The easiest way is through the GOG Galaxy client. Only then download the modifications. It is not possible to start the installation without these components (Heroes Chronicles and Heroes 3 Complete).




  1. lurker-8865

    i have some questions, when i play the Glory of War some of the unit image are missing and also it’s a bit laggy eventhough other chronicles works just fine. any help?

  2. Darkhawk

    I’ve tried installing this several times, but it always fails with telling me the records for The World Tree and Fiery Moon were not found, althought I have all 7 (GOG version) chapters installed as folders in my main HoMM3 folder and it finds chapter 1-4 and 7. But not those two. I’ve tried clean installs, clearing the registry, everything, but I still get the same error. Help would very much be appreciated 🙂

  3. Attila

    All chronicles episodes installed + Complete edition, but the verification failed what i do wrong?


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