My long-term LEGO wishlist – Lion Knights’ Castle

Lego Castle sets have their own enormous charm. I never got around to owning those big Castle sets like the legendary set 6080 (see image below) they were extremely expensive at the time, not that they are any cheaper now 😀

Now there would be money for such a set, but again there is a question, do I need it? So I made a long-term Lion Knights’ Castle wishlist, where I will save money for the set, or if someone donate.

The current Lion Knights’ Castle status: €401,70 from €399.


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Thank you for your donation:

Petr +10€
Alvie 2,69€
Maria +4,38€
Javier +8,01€
Michael +8,02€
Valeriu +9,31€
Ēriks +50€
Dragan +10€
Nadia +2,38€
Ádám +5
Marius +47,95€
Miłosława +4,48€
Matthew +5€
Marius +10€
Alexander +13,15€
Jason +10,15€
Jeffrey +5,30€
Sergey +46,95€
Timo +15€
Josef +5€
Boris +10€
Tadeus +5€
Wolfgang +25€
Vladislav +17,05€
Gábor +4,48€
Derek +13,25€
Daniel +5,30€


Lego Lion Knights' Castle

Lego Lion Knights’ Castle

Lego Lion Knights' Castle

Lego Lion Knights’ Castle

Old LEGO Castle set

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