Game Difficulty Mod download

Platform ERA 3
File Size 2 MB
Version 1.038
Mod Info
Updated 18.01. 2023
Author Perry, Daemon
Download (official, dropbox)*
Download (alternative, WoG Folder)*

*Modification is part of the ERA_3 Launcher. A mod to customize game difficulty with many options to select at game start. The mod has to offer (all optional):

  • Options for stronger computer players
  • Artifact equipment mod for AI
  • Increase neutral stack size
  • Increase neutral growth
  • Neutral stacks can grow over 4000
  • Increased stats of neutrals over time
  • Extra growth for low-level troops
  • Random spell buffs for neutrals
  • Random abilities for neutrals (temporary disbaled)
  • Battle commander option
  • Battle rewards option
  • and more…

How to play with this mod:

  •  Select the options you like at map start
  • Additional informations are available on right-clicking
  • Clicking “Confirm” will save all your settings, Clicking “Cancel” will reset all your options
  • Enter a day at which the AI starts to receive bonuses (Payday) This will allow you to built up your hero
  • Dont use the highest AI difficulty when you are new to this mod, start with Easy or Normal and Payday at day 50
  • If you want, also use progressive-difficulty option to change the AI level during the game to a harder one. This allows for a smooth game progression. Like from Hard to Expert. Or from Extreme to Insane.
  • Better dont use Insane settings
  • Game to easy or to difficult? No problem, make NEW settings during your game by right-clicking the system icon on the adventure map

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