Factory and it’s progress – Horn of the Abyss update #20

DonKo – one of the main people on the HotA team just posted a post on the Factory and it’s progress:

  1. The 7 campaign maps out of 8 is ready. 8th is yet to be developed, it will still require testing
  2. Completed 14 of the 17 cutscenes, the last 3 scenes are under development and have all the necessary 3D resources (characters, environment)
  3. All 16 heroes have been approved with names, specs, and portraits
  4. Graphics, town screen close to completion. All the buildings on the world screen are ready
  5. The work with the code went very much forward. Sav (the main coder) hired a lot of people. Special buildings, creature skills, all this greatly accelerated and it is almost ready
  6. Paul Romero published the main musical theme of the Factory in March on YT. The Crew decided not to give Paul Romero’s music as the main theme because it differs from other pieces of music in the town and it will be used in the Factory campaign. We’re probably hearing something else in town. That’s it, in a nutshell, the work went very forward.

Discord Invite link. Then you can check original Discord post here.

Paul Romero’s music will be used in the Factory campaign.

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  1. Nicolas St-Michel

    Keep up the good work ! Can’t wait to try out the new faction and what other surprises you guys will have in store in the future

  2. Borås

    F*cking awesome!!

  3. Keevil

    I’m kind of upset that Paul Romero’s music isn’t going to be used as the theme. He took up Docent’s torch and finished what he started. I understand tracks not fitting perfectly together, and I haven’t heard their new theme. But that theme sounded amazing, and with the spirit behind it–it feels wrong not to use it as the theme.

  4. Nino

    Can’t wait to try it

  5. Snickra Smörkniv

    Gifv more news! HoMM3 is awesome, Horn of the Abyss is awesome, and im pretty sure Factory will be awesome too. 😀

  6. Ron-the Glove

    Great game!!! Been playing it since the 90’s. Made a dozen or so maps over years. I just downloaded HotA and figured out how to use map editor. Just finished updating one of my old maps with HotA material. Of course, I have to play it from each position to make sure that it plays right. Very time consuming. Can’t wait for the Factory Town…

  7. E-sportaren

    When is it released, though?!

  8. Mateo

    no news ?


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