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The project “Heroes of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth” is not only the atmosphere of a well-known universe, but also a recognizable world in which the player comes and … just lives in it. While playing, you begin to believe that this is exactly how it would have been if the canonical story had taken exactly the path that you, the player, indicated to it. And so time after time, walkthrough after walkthrough. The player is the artist of the new world order on the scale of Middle-earth. Heroic Middle-earth.

So, write your own Heroic Middle-earth story now! Project author: X-Class.

Heroes of the Rings and Middle-earth v3.1 (700 MB, WoG Folder)
Angmar Wars v1.5
Author will be glad to any of your feedback, comments, ideas and criticism and I am ready to help if you have any questions!

Heroes of the Rings and Middle-earth is:

  • two-level G-size map based on “Lord of the Rings

  • 8 players available for the game, divided into 2 teams (4×4);

  • more than 100 quests;

  • a total of more than 300 pages of in-game texts about the lore of the Legendarium, based on the original book source (with some changes caused by the gameplay features of “Heroes”).

  • map has 3 versions: basic (I recommend starting with it),FFA version (no teams, start with one hero and one city), a complicated hardcore version.

  • Angmar Wars is:

    • a two-level H-size map based on events approximately 1000 years before the War of the Ring;

    • 6 players available for the game, divided into 2 teams (4×2);

    • about 40 quests and dozens of calendar and local events that reveal the story.

    Author created a themed resource pack specifically for the map “Heroes of the Rings and Middle-earth” that replaces the portraits of heroes, music and some interface elements in the game. Replacing the music is not just dragging the Lord of the Rings OST into the Heroes folder: He chose only suitable fragments from the tracks, and supplemented the terrain music with ambient sounds (birdsong, wind, water splashes, lava flow, etc.) .

    Heroes of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth installation instructions:

    1) To install the resource pack, first of all, copy your original game resource files. In the “Data” folder of YOUR game location, copy YOUR Heroes3.snd, H3bitmap.lod, H3sprite.lod and HotA.lod files somewhere convenient for you. Do the same with YOUR MP3 folder, which is located in the game folder. This is necessary so that you can quickly return the resources of your game to its original form if necessary.

    2) If you want to install authentic portraits (based on art, fan art and portraits from some other games) and themed faction flags in the game interface, then go to the “Portraits and flags” folder in the resource pack folder and copy the “Data” folder from it to the folder with your game with REPLACING FILES.

    3) If you also want to install a music pack, then select dark or light variant, go to the corresponding folder of the resource pack with music and sounds and copy BOTH folders from there to the folder with your game WITH FILE REPLACEMENT. Darkness and light differ in a number of compositions and some sounds. Otherwise, the compositions are similar.

    4) If you have any suggestions for improvements, write in the group: https://vk.com/heroesoftherings

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