Heroes 4 Ultimate v7 – Elemental Update

This is the final iteration of ULTIMATE mod done with the mostly default game engine. This is focused on bugfixing, summoning, and elemental rebalance and abilities. See below for “full changelog”, there is a lot of things this time around. At the bottom there are also plans. 7.2.1 = Fixed config issue with fog / shroud being disabled by default.

Heroes 4 Ultimate Edition
Heroes 4 Complete GOG version (works only with this version)

  • Made Earth Elementals back into melee and gave Stone Gaze (summoning and ranged attack once/twice isn’t necessarily a good combination, since it encourages your summons to die; at least Leprechaun has no melee penalty and is low level). Change stats (reduce damage/atk).
  • May modify Earth Elemental portrait (and potentially sprite itself) with more glowy/glare eyes to show stone gaze.
  • Change Earth Elemental creature description.
    Final abilities:
    ** Elemental
    ** Fly (wut, we need a flying elemental)
    ** Stone Skin
    ** Stone Gaze
    (+** 50% Magic Resistance)
    * Earth Elemental -2 max damage, but creature growth has been standarized with other elementals.
  • Made Air Elementals ranged. Removed First Strike.
  • May recolor sprite/portrait to show change. (Sprite could be darker/slightly sharper)
  • Change Air Elemental creature description.
    Final abilities:
    ** Elemental
    ** Teleport
    ** Insubstantial
    ** Ranged (14 shots)
    [Ranged uses original melee, Melee uses fidget, Fidgeting uses walk]
    * Air Elementals movement somewhat reduced (around 7%) since escaping as ranged is more powerful. It’s still the fastest ranged unit and can completely skip around several creatures.
  • Despite some previous nerfs, Water Elementals continued to kick ass, easily beating all other elementals in combat (even Earth Elementals with 50% magic resistance)
    * Water Elemental -4 Mana (one less Ice Bolt)
    * Water Elemental -15% spell power.
    In return they lose the negative ability Cold Attack since they don’t look very cold and Cold Resistance gives immunity to Ice Bolt anyways. This will probably only encourage the bastards…
  • Fire Elemental +4 HP, +1 Min DMG.
  • see full changelog (moddb.com)

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