Horn of the Abyss v1.7 – The Factory campaign is completely finished

Friends and not-so-friends, I bring you a bit of long-awaited news. More precisely not just news, but summaries from the development and a few facts about the campaign.

07.11.2023 – Horn of the Abyss v1.7

  • Completely finished gameplay part of the Factory campaign: All 8 maps are ready, tested and linked together by transitioning heroes, artifacts, etc.
  • New single-player maps have been added to the game and almost all old maps have been updated where required
  • Right now we’re in the process of recording the voiceovers for the campaign videos. Yes, the traditional howl-over during the before and after missions will return, with plans to voice the already released dockside campaigns as well
  • Simultaneously with the voiceover, texts are being written to accompany players on the campaign maps
  • Work on bug fixes and code optimization is ongoing


And while I’m talking about the Campaign, I’ll tell you a little bit about it:

You already know that it has 8 missions, almost all maps are medium, large and very large in size, play for a long time, which will definitely appeal to fans of bringing together large armies in epic battles.

The campaign will offer dozens of hours of gameplay, but I will warn you! The campaign will be challenging, designed for the experienced player. If you found the dockside campaigns challenging, you should definitely not choose the “high” difficulty levels: We went further and in addition to the standard AI enhancement and reduced starting resources, a player playing on the higher difficulty levels will encounter additional challenges and will be limited in some of the features available when playing on lower difficulty levels.

So you should not feel obliged to play only on the “impossible” level. If there are difficulties, feel free to place a horse or rook (or maybe a pawn) – there will be plenty of large-scale battles, cunning opponents, and opportunities to solve mission objectives in several ways at any difficulty level!

It’s no exaggeration to say that this will be the most detailed campaign in the history of the game, the least we can do in memory of Docent.
Of course, the team has further stories to tell when the time comes, but we probably won’t dare to encroach on the Factory’s ascendant campaign. -by Donko from HotA Team

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  1. James

    Cheerio Miss Sophie!

  2. ZoleSnk

    Hello. I am very happy to hear the news and that Factory town was not wasted. I will soon finish editing my Giga-scale HOTA Map. It is currently in the test phase. Is there any planned release for 1.7? Because I want to design my new map that way. Thank You

    1. Allwynd

      Is your map available somewhere for testing or something?

  3. Gregory Austin

    I work part time a day voice actor. If you need any assistance let me know! I’d love to contribute probono.

  4. Daniel

    I would volunteer for voice acting as well. Never done it, but I think I can do whatever accent you want and act it out. Shoot me something and I’ll try it :p


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