A tragic loss for the entire Heroes community

Dear friends,
We have suffered a grievous loss. On November 7, 2020, the founder and leader of the Horn of the Abyss project, wonderful artist and composer known to the wide HoMM community as Docent Picolan, died tragically.

It would be no exaggeration to call HotA his brainchild, as it was he who created most visual and fundamental concepts that laid the foundation of the project, and his unquenchable enthusiasm had been our driving force through all 13 years of development. Not only was Docent the project manager; he was also responsible for a huge amount of graphical assets. He also kept in touch with the community, wrote music, and simply led by example, helping everyone stay invested and interested in our work.

It will take some time before we come to terms with this loss and figure out how to continue our work without him. Nevertheless, HotA Crew promises that the development of the project will continue. The Factory which Docent had been devoting all his energy to for the last three years will be completed and released in loving memory of our friend and colleague.
HotA Crew

Sincere condolences and all the best to the team.


  1. Allwynd

    Very unfortunate. I grew to love HoTA and it’s the only way for me to play HoMM3 nowadays.

  2. Yogg

    Very sad news, rest in peace. I hope there will be some hero named after him or something to honor his memory with Factory, he was a very passionate and great guy

  3. Adam

    Can’t believe that this is happened… Rest in peace, the memory about things you did, will live forever…

  4. Radim

    It is very sad when young people dying.


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