Heroes 5 pre-alpha screenshots or fake / photoshoped Warcraft 3? (solved)


I found these pictures back in 2015, but I didn’t find out where they came from. Heroes 3 community is already growing, I’ll try it now.

As usual, during my exploration of the waters of the Internet, I came across several interesting images, specifically, it should be a very early version of Heroes V! All four images show the same part of the adventure map, but they show the alternation of day and night. The landscape shows a subtle transition to pseudo 3D, but the buildings and units are taken from Heroes 3.

I personally like the images a lot, it’s a shame that the fourth part of Heroes was not in this spirit.

The last picture shows the changed graphics of the mill, which is more 3D and the game interface is more reminiscent of a game from the Warcraft series, specifically the third part. You can even see elves there. Is it fake?

It looks like it’s a photo from the monitor, maybe the developers were just inspired. What do you think?

pege from Heroes 5 artbook

page from Heroes 5 artbook

heroes-5-pre-alpha-2 heroes-5-pre-alpha-3 heroes-5-pre-alpha-4Source: https://www.might-and-magic.ru/blog/1/entry-49-put-geroev-dizajnerskij-postmortem/


  1. Andrey

    Photoshop. In Ashan Compendium all photos could be found.
    ›Это одна из первых версий, достаточно быстро смонтированная в “Фотошопе” (знающие люди увидят много знакомых элементов).

    1. Andrey

      Sorry. Not in Compendium but in usual H5 Artbook.

      1. Liso1 (Post author)

        Great, thank you for this information! Where would I download H5 Artbook?

        1. Andrey

          You can buy it!

          I can’t find source better, it need time. And I don’t want to.


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