New Magic Balance mod v0.85 (VCMI)

New Magic Balance mod is a pack of mods that modifies Heroes 3 spells system.

New Magic Balance mod
Andruids Expansion Mods

New Magic Balance Mods’ descriptions:

  1. Spell Range submod changes the range of original Advanced and Expert spells:
    1. Most formerly mass spells now have radius of 3 hexes (medium area).
    2. Protection from Air/Fire/Water/Earth and spells affecting Morale/Luck now have a radius of 2 hexes on Advanced level (small area) and a radius of 4 hexes on Expert level (large area).
    3. Cure, Dispel, Destroy Undead and Death Ripple spells are unaffected. Cure and Dispel are still mass spells on Expert level and Destroy Undead and Death Ripple are mass spells on all levels.

2. Mass Spells submod adds 6 new spells – mass versions of the spells affecting three most basic aspects – Attack, Defense and Speed. They will be added to the hero’s spellbook the instant he learns Wisdom skill (or if he/she starts with it) and become usable only when hero knows Expert skill of the corresponding magic school. Without it, the spell will appear in a spellbook, but will be unusable. Like this:

New mass spells are higher level than their original versions and cost more spell points. The effect of Mass Disruption cannot be stacked, unlike the original, but its strength increases with target’s level. The formula is 3 + creature level, so it will decrease the defense of a 1st level creature by -4, and the defense of a 7th level by -10.

3. Level 2 Slow submod moves Slow spell to the 2nd level.

4. Enhanced Eagle Eye boosts the Skill values (by 10% per level), doubles the values of artifacts boosting it (e.g. Bird Statue boosts Eagle Eye by 10% instead of 5%) and allows your hero to copy the magic skill of the enemy hero. So, with the Basic Eagle Eye, if your opponent has Basic or greater Air/Fire/Water/Earth Magic skill, your hero will be able to cast spells with Basic proficiency of that magic school. If you have Advanced Eagle Eye and your opponent has Advanced/Expert skill, your hero will be able to cast spells of the same magic school on Advanced level, etc.

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