Fheroes2: Resurrection update v0.9.17 with improved Evil interface and AI improvements

Fheroes2: Resurrection update v0.9.17 audio was significantly improved since the previous release. We fixed issues with MIDI music playback delays on Adventure Map, multiple possible crashes with audio synchronization, extra sounds appearance in castle’s window and etc. Such cases were very rare but nobody likes a buggy game. As a bonus Freeman’s Foundry now has its own ambient sound on Adventure Map. Walk your hero nearby it to hear!

Evil interface finally got some proper attention. In the original game this type of interface was applied only to a limited number of dialogs. Fheroes2 team expanded the list and made some windows to have a proper “evil” look.

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How to install fheroes2 with campaign animations (youtube)

AI has been greatly enhanced in this release. The team added a new Courier role for AI heroes to focus on supplies delivery for more stronger heroes. AI now is smart enough to use Adventure Spells efficiently and also to estimate the number of needed heroes for the kingdom. Lastly, AI will defend its castle more aggressively instead of leaving them empty and defenseless.

Set any hot key you want.

Set any hot key you want.

As per many player requests we added an ability to change hotkeys for in-game events within the game. Now you can set any combinations to improve your gameplay skills. Besides this the team fixed multiple places with logic on Adventure Map, closed some visual issues with dialogs and improved translation for multiple languages. As usual we fixed more than 40 bugs since the last release.

  • Further audio improvements: add a sound for Freeman’s Foundry, fix delays in MIDI music, fix many issues and crashes related to audio
  • Expand initial Evil Interface to another in-game dialogs and elements
  • Add huge AI improvements: add Courier role for heroes, AI defend castles more aggressively and hires heroes efficiently
  • Add ability to change hotkeys within the game
  • Improve Polish, Ukrainian, French and Norwegian translations
  • Fix several places related to logic on Adventure Map
  • Over 40 bugs are fixed since 0.9.16 release
In the Original game well was only in brown colors.

In the Original game well was only in brown colors.

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