Fanstratics – Update #23 – Goblin and Map of the World

Fanstratics Troop: Goblin.

Goblins are dumb, vicious… and feared. What they lack in brains or stature, they compensate with a gleeful, rabid, reckless application of violence. Quick tempered and fueled by rage, they become more dangerous as a battle persists, and when accumulated in number, they become foundational to Zubhewen strength.

For Justin, this task was ‘easy mode’… one rough, one render. In my personal opinion, this Goblin encapsulates everything Justin does to artistically define Fanstratics.

Fanstratics Question: Do you have a map of the world? Or at least tell us how it will look approximately.

Months ago, I rendered a first draft ‘map of the world’, but I wasn’t happy with it. How factions relate to one another geographically, is somewhat story sensitive, and the fine details of the overall story have yet to be finalized. When the time is right, I will tackle it again, but I suspect this will not occur until after the crowd funding campaign.

Fanstratics – Update #22 – Vulturian Scavenger

HoMM3 Question: How were the backgrounds for each city made? Was it all hand painted or was it 3D models? Always wondered that. They still look amazing today – assuming one uses that Russian HD mod that makes everything razor sharp.

At the time, in HoMM3, the cityscapes were made in 3D using 3D Studio Max, then the individual pieces were captured as 2D sprite images for the GUI. So, yes, the source imagery was all 3D models.

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