The Tides of War ERA download

PlatformERA 2.9.13
File Size16 MB
Updated01.07. 2022
ERA Version1.1.5 BETA
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Differences between ERA and VCMI version.

  • Interface and skin of the original mod adapted to ERA.
  • To make them more even with Wog creatures, alternate creatures also have new abilities in Stack Experience.
  • No new Creature Banks.
  • No new Heroes.
  • No new Artifacts.
  • No new Spells.
  • No new Secundary Skills.
  • No new buildings in cities to build, however you can choose which creature can spawn in dwellings before you build them.
  • Due to ERA limitations, some creature abilities based on new spells could not be replicated:
    • Dryad: No longer uses symbiosis, but its upgraded version “Oak Dryad” has a new special ability.
    • Sucubbus: It’s impossible to replicate their “Hates Spikes” attack even as a ranged attack, so they now attack similarly as the Magogs, however their other stats are exactly the same as VCMI version including Lilims’ “Range Retaliation”.
    • Abyssal Triton: The same as the previous ones, instead of attacking with “Trawl” now paralyzes.
    • Quetzalcoatl: Fortunately, Quetzalcoatl’s ability could be replicated using ERM, but it is still incomplete, it’s only immune to some attacks like “Death Stare”. In future updates it will be complete.
    • Dire Werewolf: Partially equal to his “Rage” ability, Werewolf of Wog was replaced by Dire Werewolf of The Tides of War, so they also have an additional ability that only Wog veterans know him.
    • Ghost: Wog Ghost has been replaced by VCMI version, in my opinion they’re exactly the same as the VCMI version due to their ability.

But don’t be discouraged, in future releases it may probably be possible to add everything that’s missing from the ERA Edition. This is Beta version.

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