Hero’s Hour: Rogue Realms DLC Coming soon

The Rogue faction is like no other – it represents the neutral creatures, combining new and old to form 12 bands, each of which has their own heroes, unit lineups, and special skills. The 12 bands, of which 6 of them are playable as your starting faction, range from the dragon and slave-focused Tyranny, over the strange body fusions of the Experiment, to the highly specialised metalchemy mechs of Industry.

Hero’s Hour: Rogue Realms – buy DLC on GOG and support Heroes 3.5 Portal
to play DLC you also need Hero’s Hour
or try Hero’s Hour Demo (214 MB)

Hero’s Hour: Rogue Realms Features

  • The new Rogue faction, incl. 12 different Rogue towns
  • 50+ new units
  • 25+ new heroes
  • 25+ new skills
  • More variation in buildings for old factions
  • New adventure map objects
  • New spells, artifacts and unit abilities


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