MMDoom: Might & Magic monster replacer download

Platform ZDoom
File Size 190 MB
Version 0.8 Beta
Update 04.07 2022
Author Mercs
Download (official download,
DOOM II (works with this GOG version)
How to install MMDoom


MMDoom is a GZDoom monster replacer project porting Might & Magic monsters into GZDoom. Features include:

  • 60 monsters separated into three factions according to M&M lore and specifically Heroes 3 town lineups
  • monsters are created using sprites and sounds from Might & Magic VI-VIII and Heroes 3 games
  • compatibility with most WADs and gameplay mods for Doom, recommendations below
  • monsters infight based on what “species” they belong to, with each faction having three
  • Elements system: each monster is assigned an element determining its resistances and weaknesses
  • Water > Fire; Fire > Earth; Earth > Air; Air > Water
  • DamNums mod by Xaser included: your damage is shown in colored mumbers representing the elements

MMDoom creatures lineup

How to install ZDoom

  1. Download the latest GZDoom (currently 4.8.1). Alternatively, you can get an unofficial development build from DRD Team.
  2. Extract all the files from the ZIP file into a new directory.
  3. When using a new folder make sure to include an IWAD in the ZDoom directory. Alternatively, you can set the DOOMWADDIR to point to the directory in which the IWADs are kept. Furthermore, if you obtained Doom-engine games through, ZDoom can find them automatically.

MMDoom installation: There are several ways to install Doom mods, I prefer to create a shortcut for every mod combination.
Install GZDoom and create a shortcut for gzdoom.exe. In it’s Object, add every mod name in load order so it looks smth like this:
C:\…\gzdoom.exe -file Avactor.wad nashgore.pk3 Walpurgis.pk3 MMDoom.pk3 MMdamnums.pk3

Files included in archive:
– MMDoom.pk3 – main file
– MMDamNums.pk3 – Xaser’s DamNums mod in included w/ a LANGUAGE file for MMDoom
– MMDamNums_WoC.pk3 – use this instead of previous file if you play w/ Wrath of Cronos mod

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