The Succession Wars mod Witch faction update

This summary was prepared by Orzie, one of the authors of The Succession Wars mod in December 2023. But I only found it now.

The Succession Wars mod
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Since the team was satisfied enough with this collage and asked me to make it public, here are some goodies. This collage is done just to crystallize our design direction for the Witch a little bit more and provide some idea on how the actual H3SW Witch townscreen could possibly look. This version is probably the last before we start sketching the actual design and composition so it could be implemented via 3D, 2D, and neural artwork combined. What I personally like here is:

  • Green sky with magenta and yellow tint
  • Approximate coastal line, including the zone near the castle gates (finally a solution allowing the moat to appear natively without breaking the composition)
  • Multi-story pagoda style for round buildings and huts
  • Wooden bridge at the foreground (Might and Magic 8 Dagger Wound Island vibes here)
  • Swamp style brick texture on the pyramid/altar placeholder
  • Toltec/mesoamerican style texture on the red mage guild placeholder

What to expect from a “real” version in future:

  • More Polynesian/Mesoamerican landscape and architecture
  • More Quetzalcoatl and Aztec vibes to accommodate the creatures, heroes and overall Witch vibe so it’s not Fortress even further
  • Less urbanistic and more cult-ish design (because we have Cult of Tsantsa to feature here)
  • Marketplace floating on water
  • Improved or even redone Castle shape so that it’s more eclectic, fortified and probably less looking like a museum

– by Orzie

Witch faction townscreen


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