Heroes 5.5: Frax mod update 2.7 with Polish and Russian translation

Frax mod for Heroes 5.5 combines groundbreaking ultimates and abilities with the core Heroes 5.5 formula, to deliver a radically new spin on Heroes 5 gameplay.

Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)


  1. Install Heroes 5.5
  2. Download Frax file and follow the readme

This release includes the Great Duelist Pack by goodwinny who compiled and extended the work made by a number of people, including Zenithale, “Эритроцитоз” (Erythrocytosis), ArchWarl0ck, Ciante, DarkCrystal, mamgaeater, Warmonger, WKS and Goodwinny.



– Added Translation For Polish and Russian


– Removed Helm of Chaos
– Updated to MMH55 Rc18G
– Decreased Mod sizefrom 200M to 50M
– Fixed new regeneration crash
– Fixed Multiplayer Infinite Caster Mana regen
– Fixed Multiplayer double summon ghosts
– Fixed Elemental vision not giving ultimate
– Fixed Dragonblood crystal elementals
– Fixed Emilia receiving Avatar of Life
– Fixed suffering strike


– Fixed Infinite Dungeon Rewards
– Fixed ArchDevil Stats
– Fixed Destructive Magic Ultimate
– Fixed CultMaster

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