Liberation of Oak Valley campaign download

PlatformHeroes 5: ToE
File Size9 MB
Updated13.02. 2024
Heroes 5 Bundle GOG (works with this version)

Campaign description: Oak Valley was once a peaceful and prosperous land, where the elves lived in harmony with nature and their neighbors. But everything changed when Nicolai, the Vampire Lord, launched a devastating war against the Sylvan Empire.

The elven army was forced to fight on the frontlines, leaving their homeland vulnerable to the raids of greedy warlords. The Elf King has now ordered all rangers to reclaim the lost territories and restore order. Ylthin, a skilled and respected ranger, has been given the mission to liberate Oak Valley, a region of great importance for its resources and strategic location. But she is not the only one interested in Oak Valley.

Other nations have set their eyes on this prize, hoping to expand their domains and satisfy their growing needs. Ylthin will have to face many enemies and challenges in her quest to reclaim the land. Campaign of 5 maps.

Additional Info: Divine Vengeance, Instant Travel, Puppet Master, Town Portal, Vampirism and Vessel of Shalassa spells have been disabled.

Installation: Put the files in their respective directory where you installed Heroes V Tribes of the East (that is : put the content of userMODs in this archive inside the UserMODs directory of Heroes 5 TotE, and so forth).

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