Heroes of Might and Magic 5.5: Great Duelist Pack (over 50 new battlefields)

Great Duelist Pack is a small expansion for Might and Magic: Heroes 5.5 (a global modification for Tribes of the East) that is aimed at adding over 50 new battlefields to the game. The arenas are available from any section of the game (campaign, hotseat, duel mode). The pack brings brand new arenas but also includes good old classics.

Great Duelist Pack
works only with Heroes 5.5

To install the arenas, make sure you have Heroes 5.5 installed first. Although the arenas are somewhat backward compatible, I cannot guarantee normal functioning on the vanilla Tribes of the East version of the game.
Having done that, go to the main folder with Heroes V ToTE and unpack Great Duelist Pack.h5u file inside the archive to the UserMod directory. After that, you can verify if the arenas are installed by going to the duel mode (or 3 vs 3 mode) and selecting the desirable arena from the drop-down menu.

These arenas are made by a number of people, including Zenithale, ArchWarl0ck, Ciante, DarkCrystal, mamgaeater, Warmonger, WKS and Goodwinny. The compilation of all the arenas into one pack, as well as minor tweakings are made by Goodwinny. Below are just a few screenshots of the arenas to play on:

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